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2018 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

Tucson Show

Take a little tour of the 2018 Tucson Gem & Mineral show with us!  We had a very successful trip and look forward to bringing all the great treasures we found to you!  A special thanks to our wonderful friends that take care of our home & business so we can travel! Click Here to see all the pictures!

Lots of great crystals! A beautiful amethyst geode Outstanding smoky elestial Now that's a fossilized wood stool!  Great color!  This dinosaur looks friendly enough (in it's current form)!  Yep! We just stopped to drool for awhile!  We nicknamed this malachite and turquoise "the brain"...  A super large cluster!  An outstanding ammolite!  Ammolite with outrageous color!  Wonderful rutile in smoky quartz  A new find of amethyst this year!  Hugh green quartz sphere!  Some more specimen drooling!  Lots of great crystals to choose from!  Another huge cluster  Amethyst geodes  Such a cool fossilized turtle!  A large Shiva Lingam  A very large rose quartz skull     Bill at Saguaro National Park!  Looks like this saguaro cactus is dancing!  Lots of attitude!  Starting to unpack all the crystals!  Very cool smoky quartz skull!  Manganese phantom in quartz crystal point!  Still unpacking all the quartz crystal goodies!  We found some great laser wands!  Still unpacking these great quartz crystals!  We found some really great quartz crystals & stones!  Bill pricing some great tangerine quartz crystal clusters!  Excellent Quality Vera Cruz Amethyst Points  Spheres of all types of stones!  Some great hand-carved skulls!



We hope you enjoyed our little tour!

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