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Bahia Brazil has the most amazing large smoky amethyst phantom points! These very special points help dissolve blocked negative energy in order to help one relax to deepen the meditative state. Helps to boost ones immune system.

Shangaan amethyst is an exciting new 2019 discovery found on the Gezani Communal Land in Zimbabwe, Africa. This is amethyst with some smoky quartz and forms with sceptres, elestials and enhydros. Shangaan amethyst helps to see the unknown and the unseen (Judy Hall, Crystal Worker). Shangaan amethyst is a stone of feminine power and dominion (Hank Mason, Crystal Vaults).

Our Uruguay amethyst comes from Artigas in northern Uruguay. This site produces dark purple specimens. Amethyst protects one against psychic attacks and helps fight addictive behavior; a stone of spirituality, helps balance the energies of emotional and physical bodies.

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