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 Bill Digging Crystals
Faith Digging Crystals

Blue Moon Crystals and Jewelry was started in 1998 when we decided to transform our passion, which is quartz crystal into a business.

 We had been traveling to Arkansas two or three times a year for several years to dig our own quartz crystal.  There is something about finding a crystal still covered with mud and wondering what it will look and feel like after cleaning.  Maybe we just enjoy playing in the mud and cutting up our fingers.  The truth is we just love working with and being around quartz crystal.

 This passion along with creating unique and affordable jewelry had taken over both of our lives.  Since we had already fallen in love with the wonderful people and beautiful land, we decided to move closer to what we loved.  In 2002, we took a deep breath, gave up our 9 to 5 jobs, and relocated to Mount Ida, Arkansas, “The Quartz Crystal Capital of the World”.

 We opened our on-line store in 2002 and for the next several years sold our crystals and jewelry at all kinds of shows including craft shows, city festivals and renaissance festivals.

 We continued to enjoy digging the quartz crystals and became the “Care Takers” at Miller Mountain Mine for 5 ½ years.  In August of 2014 we left the mine to pursue our own interest.  We have now opened a seasonal store, of course selling a huge selection of quartz crystals and unique jewelry.

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Blue Moon Crystals & Jewelry
Bill Phipps & Faith Jackson
6328 Hwy 270 East
PO Box 935
Mount Ida, AR 71957