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Paraiba kyanite is a new type of kyanite from Brazil that contains graphite and black tourmaline and sometimes quartz. The name comes from the color of the kyanite that resembles Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline. Paraiba kyanite helps to rebalance personal energy, aligns all chakras at once, and helps one communicate openly.

Black kyanite fans come from Brazil. Black kyanite helps remove blocked energy; it is powerful grounding stone and is favorite among energy healers; it is helpful in body layouts.

Blue kyanite comes from Brazil. Blue kyanite has unlimited strength and energy which makes it an excellent attunement stone; it will not retain negative energy and never needs cleaning or clearing. Aligns all chakras automatically; facilitates meditation.

Green kyanite comes from Tanzania and is the rarest type of kyanite. Green kyanite is a stone of attunement with focus on the heart chakra and the truths it holds; helps one connect with nature spirits and is good for earth healing. Green kyanite with a blue stripe has the same ability as green kyanite plus it assists one to connect with your spirit guides.