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Types of Crystals

Types of Crystals

There are many words used to describe the various parts and shapes of a quartz crystal.  To make matters even more confusing, there have been many different words used over the years that mean the same thing.  This glossary will help you understand what the words refer to.

A quartz crystal begins with a seed of one silicon atom and two oxygen atoms.  With the right amount of heat and pressure this seed starts to grow by replicating itself in a network structure, known as a crystal lattice.  Over time a piece of pure transparent quartz crystal is formed.  In its natural state the crystal is angular in shape, always with six sides, tapering at one or both ends to a point or termination.  The tapered sides are known as facets or faces.  One of these facets or faces will be larger than the others and is referred to as the main facet or face.

Abundance Crystal - This is a larger crystal point centered on a cluster with smaller crystals growing around its base.  These crystals foster prosperity and well-being, success, good fortune and all good things for life.

Activation Left Crystal - This crystal has an extra inclined facet located to the left of the main face of the crystal.  These crystals are used to activate the right hemisphere of the brain.  Some attributes are creativity, imagination, psychic ability, and meditation.  This crystal is also called a time-link crystal.

Activation Right Crystal - This crystal has an extra inclined facet located to the right of the main face of the crystal.  These crystals are used to activate the left hemisphere of the brain.  Some attributes are logic, intellect, and action-orientation.  This crystal is also called a time-link crystal.

Amphibole Angel Wing Phantom Quartz - This very rare crystal has colorful layered or feather-like phantoms of red (hematite), yellow (limonite), white (kaolinite) and pink (lithium) and comes from Brazil.  This very beautiful crystal provides you with a strong angelic connection and becomes a communication tool with your guardian angel.  This fabulous crystal can also be called angel phantom quartz, angel wing phantom quartz and red amphibole phantom quartz.

Aqua-Aura Crystal - This crystal is a clear quartz crystal that has been man enhanced with ionized molecules of pure Gold.  The molecules of Gold adhere to the quartz and will not fade or be removed by rubbing.  This crystal has the properties of gold and quartz.  It is used to cleanse and sooth the aura and activate all chakras.

Arkimer Diamond – This is a short stout double terminated crystal from the Mount Ida area of Arkansas that has a shape similar to the herkimer diamond from New York, but still has a hardness of 7.  It is a stone of attunement and balance, fostering communication in both directions. 

Asterism – The property of a mineral that displays a 2 or 3 ray star when viewed in a reflected light.  This property is caused by light passing through microscopic bubbles. 

Aurora Crystal – This crystal is a clear quartz crystal that has been man enhanced with ionized molecules of pure Titanium.  The molecules of Titanium adhere to the quartz and will not fade or be removed by rubbing.  This crystal has the properties of quartz and titanium.  It is used during meditation and promotes movement towards self-change.

Barnacle Crystal - This is a crystal that is covered or partially covered with smaller crystals.  These crystals are used to stimulate group cohesiveness.

Bridge Crystal - This crystal is recognized by a smaller crystal, which penetrates and is located partially in, and partially out, of a larger crystal.  It is also known as a penetrator or inner-child crystal.  It facilitates bridging between the inner and outer worlds and between self and others.  This crystal can also be referred to as a penetrator, a trigger, or an inner child crystal.

Candle Crystal – This is a crystal with a ratio of 6 to 1 or greater length to width.  It is also know as an Artemis crystal.  This crystal is very supportive of those who are struggling for independence of all kinds.

Candle Quartz - This crystal gets its name by the image of wax dribbling down the sides of a candle.  This crystal is a type of elestial and is found in Madagascar.  It acts to induce sensitivity and prudence.

Cathedral Crystal – This is a crystal that when held upright all of the facets resemble the spires and towers of a church cathedral.  It is part of the elestial family.  It helps deal with past emotional situations.

Channeling Crystal – A crystal that has a large seven-sided face located in the front center of the termination and a perfect triangle located on the back side.  This crystal assists one to access innate wisdom and to verbally communicate.  This crystal can also be referred to as a projector, a sending, or a seven-sided crystal.

Cluster – A cluster is a group of crystals that are physically attached to each other on a matrix or floating free.  The crystals can be single or double terminated or combinations of both.  The crystals in a cluster provide group energy, the more crystals, the greater the energy.  This crystal formation can also be referred to as a plate or burr.

Consumption Crystal - This crystal is a rare form of quartz that appears as one crystal engulfing or consuming another.  This crystal is a stone for progression and allows for a liberal flow of emotions.

Cross Crystal – This formation is two crystals that are attached to each other in the shape of a cross.  This very rare formation is a world teacher and provides guidance when studying spirituality, the arts, and sciences.

Curved Crystal - This is a crystal that formed in a bent or curved shape and provides for a continuous alignment of the nervous system.

Dendritic Crystal – This is a crystal that contains branch-like inclusions, which resemble a moss or a plant like form.  It facilitates closeness with nature and stimulates recall of past lives relative to this earth.

Devic Crystal – A crystal that contains a lot of fairy frost, fractures (rainbows), and inclusions.  This crystal helps us to communicate with the Devas and Elfin folk, or nature spirits that cohabit this earth with humans.

Dolphin Crystal - This is a crystal that has a smaller crystal attached that seems to be riding along.  This formation represents the protective and loving energy projected towards the gentle, weak, and small.  This crystal formation is also called a mother crystal or a teaching crystal.

Double Terminated – This is a crystal that has a single termination on each end.  It’s energy flows in both directions at once, assisting in communication from one point to another.

Dow Crystal – A crystal that has a termination with three perfect triangle facets, separated by three seven-sided facets.  This crystal represents near perfect balance and can assist in all matters.  A Dow crystal is also called a trans-channeling crystal.

Drusy Crystal – This is a mass of tiny quartz crystals that cover the surface of another crystal or mineral.  Drusy crystals help to promote inner strength.

Elestial Crystal – This crystal is recognized by natural terminations that have formed over the body and face of a crystal.  It is used to overcome emotional burdens and to look within.  It can also facilitate access to a shared past or future.  This formation has been referred to as Jacare quartz.

Empathic Crystal – A crystal with flaws.  It can be oddly shaped, unclear, and/or with chips or breaks.  These crystals permit us to grow in compassion for the suffering of others.

Enhydro Crystal – This crystal is included with bubbles or pockets containing fluid.  It brings the healing fluid to the parched withering roots of ones life.

Etched Crystal – This crystal appears to have abrasions or frosting on the outer layer resembling hieroglyphics.  These crystals are a personal meditation tool and can assist in opening many doors.

Extra-Terrestrial Crystal – A crystal with a single termination at one end and multiple terminations at the other end.  This crystal is used to channel with positive beings not of this world, such as the angelic realm.  This powerful crystal can also be referred to as solution quartz.

Faden-Line Crystal – This crystal has an inclusion of one or more white thread-like fibrous formations.  This fiber is usually located near the center of the crystal and may be curved.  This crystal is rare and facilitates attunement between self and another.

Female Crystal - This is a general reference to a crystal that is milky or cloudy in appearance.  This crystal reacts in a calm and rational way.

Generator Crystal – This crystal is recognized by all six faces meeting at the apex to form a termination.  It is also known as a Merlin crystal.  This crystal is used to generate energy and is rarely found in its natural state.

Golden Healer – This is a quartz crystal, which is partially or completely covered with a transparent golden-yellow mineral, iron oxide.  This is an excellent stone for use in all healing situations.

Grounding Crystal – These crystals have eight sides surrounding the largest face and are quite rare.  They help you deal with matters in a practical and realistic way.  Their energy radiates toward the moderate.

Gwindel Crystal - This is a cluster of double-terminated tabby crystals that are stacked on top of each other in a unique twisted and spiral-like formation.

Harlequin Crystal – This crystal is included with red and silver specs and/or strings of hematite or lepidocrocite and titanium.  It provides physical energy and vitality to the physical body and stimulates the healing qualities of the heart.

Herkimer Diamond – A stout shaped double terminated crystal that resembles a faceted diamond.  They are found in Herkimer County, New York.  They are clear/bright to smoky/bright and may contain rainbows.  They have a hardness of 7.5 instead of 7.0.  They energize and enliven all who keep them near.  Their energy helps one begin again in this lifetime.

Included Quartz – Quartz that has another mineral(s) included within it.  This type of quartz works to provide further nourishment.  The properties of each different inclusion works hand in hand with the properties of the quartz.

Isis Crystal – These crystals have five sides surrounding the largest sloping face.  The sides are arranged in the shape of the symbol of Isis the Egyptian Goddess.  These crystals strongly amplify feminine energy and are powerful healing crystals.

Jewelry Points – These are small crystals that are bright/clear and with a perfect point.  They are used to make pendants and earrings.

Key Crystal – This is a crystal that has an indentation that is usually three or six-sided and appears as though a point or side of a crystal was once imbedded. They facilitate the unlocking of doors to healing concepts.

Laser Crystal – This is a long slender crystal with a small sharp termination.  The crystal tapers towards the termination with its sides having uneven edges, rather than straight.  Many lasers also have some etching.  The laser has well focused energy and can be used to clear areas of negativity.

Male Crystal  - This is a general reference to a crystal that is clear.  It acts in a quick and straight forward manner.

Manifestation Crystal – This is a crystal that has another crystal totally enclosed within it.  They are very rare.  These crystals are used to facilitate artistic creativity and creative thinking in addition to manifesting.

Muse Crystal - This is a cluster of nine similar-sized crystals.  They open our eyes to the beauty around us.

Mythic Crystal – This is an opaque milky quartz double-terminated crystal.  The mythic crystal permits us to move back and forth in history to unravel the great myths.  It provides fore-knowledge of the direction we must travel.

Opal Aura Crystal – This is a clear quartz crystal that has been man enhanced with ionized molecules of pure Platinum.   The molecules of Platinum adhere to the quartz and will not fade or be removed by rubbing.  This crystal cleanses the aura and all chakras.

Overcoat Quartz – Crystal with a creamy white layer of milky quartz that forms a heavy coating over clear quartz.

Parity Crystal - This is a cluster of identical sized crystals that shows us that we are all peers on a spiritual level.  This crystal has also been called an egalitarian crystal.

Phantom Crystal – This crystal is recognized by the outline of a partial or complete crystal inside of it.  This is caused by another mineral settling on the crystal.  The crystal begins to grow again leaving the appearance of a ghost-like crystal inside.  This crystal represents the experiences of many lifetimes.  It is one of the earth stones and symbolizes universal awareness.

Point – This term refers to a single crystal with one termination.  These crystals are carried, worn as jewelry, and used in healing layouts.

Quantum  - This is a powerful cluster of three or more double-terminated crystals joined together.  They help us realize that our senses are not limited.

Rainbow Crystal – This is a crystal with internal fractures.  The fractures have prismatic effects, which produce powerful rainbows.  They are a special gift that brings joy and helps one deal with negativity.  This beautiful crystal is also referred to as a devic, enchanted, or pixilated crystal.

Record Keeper Crystal – This is a crystal with one or more raised or etched perfect triangles on one or more of the faces.  These triangles have been noted on amethyst and garnets as well.  These crystals contain the wisdom and knowledge needed for the future, as well as, information about the past.

Red Dragon Quartz – This crystal was discovered from the Tarya Mine in Morocco in the late fall of 2014 and is very rare.  These fabulous crystals are coated and partially included with deep red hematite.  They have a strong grounding energy and work well with lower chakra issues.  Many of these crystals are tabular (tabby) in formation, making them a great personal tool.  These crystals have also been called red quartz crystal.

Rutilated Crystal – This is quartz that is included with hair-like crystal needles, usually gold or red in color.  These needles are thought to be hematite and can be straight or curved.  They assist one in getting to the root of the problem.

Sceptre Crystal - This is a crystal that is naturally formed around and is penetrated by a crystal rod.  It has the appearance of a royal sceptre.  It is used for transmission of directional energy and brings spirituality to healing situations.

Self-Healed Crystal – These crystals have been broken off or split and then have healed themselves by growing one or more new terminations over the broken area.  These are also called  Hera crystals.  Having healed itself, this crystal can share the knowledge and experience of self-healing.

Shaman Dow Crystal – A Dow crystal that also contains a white phantom.  This phantom represents a template of the individual soul.

Shard Crystal – These are fragments of crystals that have completely healed themselves.  They are completely terminated and can be curved and elestial in appearance.  They share many properties of the self-healed crystal and assist one in transforming and building a new life.

Skeletal Crystal – This is a crystal that has an inner structure with planes and open spaces.  It appears as though the crystal has a skeleton.  Because of this configuration the crystal is lighter in weight than normal.  Assists one in decision-making and furthering ones assertiveness, facilitates “luck” in bringing good fortune.

Spirit Guardian Crystal  - This formation is two double terminated crystals of similar size that are attached.  These crystals help us get in touch with our spirit guardians.

Striated Quartz – Quartz with many parallel lines on the surface or along the cleavage planes.

Tabby Crystal – This is a crystal that is flat in appearance and can be very thin.  It is also called a Tabular crystal.  This crystal is a personal tool that helps bridge the communication gap between our hearts and minds.

Transmitter Crystal – This is a crystal with two symmetrical seven-sided faces with a perfect triangle face between them.  These crystals help connect you to the highest wisdom.  They are also called a sending crystal.

Trigonic Crystal  - A crystal with many indented small triangles on the faces of the terminations going in both directions.  The triangles appear wavelike with many overlapping each other.  They differ in appearance from record-keepers, which have perfect equilateral triangles.  Trigonic crystals are used with life/death triangles.

Twin Crystals – These are two crystals of similar size that have grown together in parallel alignment.  They are also called soul mate crystals.  They facilitate the building of relationships on all levels.

Twin Flame Crystal  - These are two crystals of similar size that are joined at the base and flare out in a V shape.  These crystals help us attract our spiritual partners.

Veil Crystal – These are crystals that have thin wispy cloud-like veils inside of them.  These veils may appear silver or mirror-like and may reflect a rainbow.  These crystals represent two sides of an issue and are excellent in personal meditation.

Wall Crystal – A crystal with a veil that stretches completely across, dividing it into two sections.  Assists one to access and receive information simultaneously from the present/past or present/future.

Wand Crystal – A long slender shaped crystal tapered to a sharp termination.  A wand crystal is usually more than three inches in length.  It has the same ability as the laser wand and has been referred to as a “psychic knife”, an Artemis, a beauty-way, or a life path crystal.

Window – An extra facet on a crystal that is diamond shaped.  It may appear as clear or frosted.  These window crystals are powerful teachers and assists one in seeing into the essence of self.