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We’ve recently added rare smoky quartz sceptre crystals from a new 2022 find in Minas Geras, Brazil. The last time we saw sceptre quartz that was similar to this was 30 years ago! Shangaan amethyst is an exciting new 2019 discovery found on the Gezani Communal Land in Zimbabwe, Africa. This is amethyst with some smoky quartz and forms with sceptres, elestials and enhydros. Shangaan amethyst helps to see the unknown and the unseen (Judy Hall, Crystal Worker). Shangaan amethyst is a stone of feminine power and dominion (Hank Mason, Crystal Vaults). We also have smoky quartz crystal sceptres from Brazil. The sceptre points are naturally formed around and are penetrated by a crystal rod. These crystals have the appearance of a royal sceptre. The sceptre heads are the top head part without the rod. These crystals are used for transmission of directional energy and they bring spirituality to healing situations.