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Crystal Info

Why do people love quartz crystal? 

One big reason is quartz crystal has such exceptional beauty and we believe Arkansas quartz crystal is the most beautiful.  Another reason is some crystals are included with another mineral or contain veils and rainbows.  There might even be a bubble or two of water that was trapped inside millions of years ago.

 Some people are attracted to the different colors of quartz crystal.  There is the deep purple of amethyst and the loving pink of rose quartz.  Citrine has a warm golden amber hue.  The always-popular smoky quartz comes in various shades of brown, gray or black.

 You might be fascinated by the scientific intrigue.  Others are more interested in the spiritual values of quartz crystal and their metaphysical properties.

 People also love quartz crystal because of the many different shapes and physical attributes.  You might carry a crystal point around for protection or good luck.  Some have placed a quartz crystal cluster in their home for the protection and positive energy it emits.  A crystal point can have extra facets, all with different metaphysical properties.  There are many shapes such as tabby quartz that is a flat crystal.  Double terminated crystals have a single termination on each end.  There are many more fascinating shapes and types that exist and are eagerly collected.  Learn more in Types of Crystals.

 Being attracted to quartz crystal is easy for most people.  Many of us are connected with things that are of this planet, so the bond is natural.  Quartz crystal was born deep within the crust of our Mother Earth.  She has nurtured her crystal children by providing just enough heat and pressure to foster the near perfect growth of each one.  When her crystal children are wounded and hurt, she has the ability to mend and heal them.  Quartz crystal may be a very common mineral, but it makes up an important part of almost each and every other mineral.  Arkansas quartz crystal, as well as, crystal from other parts of the world is plentiful.  It is also available and affordable so everyone can enjoy it.

 We love quartz crystal for each and every reason that has been listed and then some.  We are constantly surrounded by beautiful Arkansas quartz crystal.  It is located in prominent areas all over our home and in our flowerbeds.  We carry it in our pockets and wear crystal jewelry all the time.  It lives beneath the very ground that we walk on.  We love to mine it and be in the mud that protects it.  I could continue, but the simple fact is, we are one with the crystal and love everything about it.