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Phantoms & Included

We offer an outstanding selection of polished phantom and included quartz crystals from Madagascar and Brazil. These crystals have other mineral(s) included within them.  Lodolite crystals have a rockscape inclusion that is made up of different color iron oxides.  These crystals work to provide further nourishment. Each different type of inclusion works hand in hand with the quartz crystal.

A phantom occurs when a crystal has an interruption during its growth cycle that causes the formation to stop growing. Whatever minerals are present deposit themselves onto the faces of the crystal. The crystal begins to grow again leaving inside of it a ghost-like outline of a crystal. This crystal represents the experiences of many lifetimes. It is one of the earth stones and symbolizes universal awareness.

Amphibole angel wing phantom quartz is a recent discovery from Brazil.  This very rare crystal has colorful layered or feather-like phantoms of red (hematite), yellow (limonite), white (kaolinite) and pink (lithium).  This very beautiful crystal provides you with a strong angelic connection and becomes a communication tool with your guardian angel.  This fabulous crystal can also be called angel phantom quartz, angel wing phantom quartz and red amphibole phantom quartz.