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Phantoms & Included

Lodolite crystals have a rockscape inclusion that is made up of different color iron oxides. These crystals work to provide additional information. Each different type of inclusion works hand in hand with the quartz crystal.

A phantom occurs when a crystal stops growing and minerals deposit themselves on the crystal. The crystal grows again leaving inside a ghost-like outline of a crystal. This crystal represents the experiences of many lifetimes.

Amphibole angel wing phantom quartz has layered or feather-like phantoms of red (hematite), yellow (limonite), white (kaolinite) and pink (lithium).  This crystal provides a strong angelic connection.  This crystal is also called angel phantom quartz..  Amphibole angel wing phantom lenses are polished dome shaped pieces.

Rutile quartz lenses are dome shaped polished pieces of quartz that are included with rutile crystals.  Rutile enhances and strengthens the power of the quartz crystal.