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Denver Gem & Mineral Show

2020 Denver Show Finds

We get by with a little help from our friends!!! No, we were not able to go to the Denver Gem & Mineral Show ourselves this year.  We have truly outstanding friends that hand-picked these amazing crystals and stones for us!  We will continue adding beautiful crystals and stones from Madagascar and India over the next few weeks. (Also, we have plenty of Arkansas quartz crystals and Brazilian quartz crystals and will continue to add new items all year long!  Enjoy!) Click Here to see all the pictures!

Lazurite from the Denver Gem & Mineral Show 2020 Black...</p>

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2019 Denver Gem & Mineral Show

We are back from the 2019 Denver Gem & Mineral Show!  A special thanks to Bill for doing all the lifting & our wonderful friend for taking care of our place! We found lots of great new finds including pink amethyst, amazing garnets, celestite, green epidote, corrundum sapphires, green fluorite & lots of quartz crystals (just to name a few)!  We hope you enjoy our picture tour!  See all the pictures here!

Beautiful Amethyst Geode Large Polished Quartz Crystals Lots of Polished Quartz Crystals 

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2018 Denver Gem & Mineral Show

Faith & Bill just returned from the Denver Gem & Mineral Show!  It was great to be able to work and enjoy the show together! A special thanks to our friends that took care of our dogs and house, and kept our store open while we were gone!  We found some great new stones including grape agate, mookaite, green kyanite, black kyanite, and blue kyanite with a pink mineral??, and lots of great favorites including red dragon quartz, labradorite, smoky quartz, Uruguay amethyst, spirit quartz, clear Lemurian seed points, singing Colombian Lemurian points, and Brazilian black tourmaline!  (To name just a...

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