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2018 Denver Gem & Mineral Show

Faith & Bill just returned from the Denver Gem & Mineral Show!  It was great to be able to work and enjoy the show together! A special thanks to our friends that took care of our dogs and house, and kept our store open while we were gone!  We found some great new stones including grape agate, mookaite, green kyanite, black kyanite, and blue kyanite with a pink mineral??, and lots of great favorites including red dragon quartz, labradorite, smoky quartz, Uruguay amethyst, spirit quartz, clear Lemurian seed points, singing Colombian Lemurian points, and Brazilian black tourmaline!  (To name just a few.)  The polished quartz was a little harder to find this show, but we still found some great pyramids, spheres, carvings, skulls and points.  We have successfully unpacked all these beauties and are currently cleaning, pricing and adding these great items to our shop and website.  We hope you enjoy!

 Grape Agate Amolite Huge Smoky Quartz Elestial Actinolite in Quartz Malachite and Chrysocolla Clear Quartz Spheres Smoky Quartz Elestial Point Life-size Carved Smoky Quartz Skull Lots of Quartz Crystals Rose Quartz Moon Crystals, Fossils and Stones Denver Gem & Mineral Show Tents Quartz Crystals and Minerals Mineral Specimens and Quartz Crystals Denver Traffic Red Rocks Estes, CO Mount Evans Colorado Idaho Springs, CO Waterfall Lake Lily Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park Mom and baby Elk Daddy Elk Unpacking quartz crystals and stones Laser Wand Quartz Crystal unpacking amethyst point Cleaning the Kyanite Polished Labradorite and Petrified Wood Hearts Polished Amethyst & Rose Quartz Points and Clear Quartz Pyramids Tangerine quartz, Smoky quartz and Laser wand quartz crystals

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