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Crystal Books

Crystal Books

We have read and studied a lot of books about quartz crystal.  Below is a list of books that we would recommend for you to read.  The philosophies and beliefs in each book are very different.  So keep an open mind, heart and soul as you read through them.  They are in no particular order, so pick one and enjoy the experience.

The Book Of Stones
By Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian
P.O. Box 249
East Montpelier, VT  05651

Love Is In The Earth Series by Melody

  • A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals – Update
  • Mineralogical Pictorial
  • Kaleidoscope Pictorial – Supplement A
  • Kaleidoscope Pictorial – Supplement Z

Earth-Love Publishing House
3440 Youngfield Street, Suite 353
Wheat Ridge, CO  80033

Crystal Enlightenment by Katrina Raphael
Crystal Healing by Katrina Raphael
The Crystal Transmission by Katrina Raphael
Aurora Press
P.O. Box 573
Santa Fe, NM  87504

The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls by Chris Morton & Ceri Louise Thomas
Bear & Company Publishing
P.O. Box 2860
Santa Fe, NM  87504

Crystal Journey by JaneAnn Dow
Journey Books
P.O. Box 23346
Santa Fe, NM  87502

Crystal Wisdom by Dolfyn
Earthspirit, Inc.
6114 LaSalle Ave., Suite 362
Oakland, CA 94611

The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing by Luc Bourgault
Foulsham & Co. LTD
The Publishing House, Bennetts Close,
Cippenham, Berkshire, SL1 5AP, England

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham
Crystal Vision by Michael G. Smith & Lin Westhorp
Crystal Spirit by Michael G. Smith
Crystal Awareness by Catherine Bowman
Llewellyn Publications
P.O. Box 64383
St. Paul, MN  55164

Moldavite:  Starborn Stone of Transformation by Robert Simmons & Kathy Warner
Heaven and Earth Books
RR1-Box 25
Marshfield, VT  05658

Collecting Crystals the Guide to Quartz in Arkansas by Darcy and Mike Howard
A & I Studio Press
P.O. Box 45791
Little Rock, AR  72214

Shungite:  Protection, Healing, and Detoxification by Regina Martino
Healing Arts Press
Rochester, Vermont

 Locate these books at your local metaphysical store or through a search on the Internet.  Enjoy the interesting reading!