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2021 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

Tucson Show

Were Rock'n! We ended up using Plans A, B & C! We really thought the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show would be cancelled or that we would not be able to go. So, Plan A - we worked all winter with our wonderful Arkansas quartz crystals. Plan B - we ordered a great selection of stones and few quartz crystals from Madagascar! (According to our source, 2020 quartz crystal mining in Madagascar was mostly shut down due to the pandemic. We hope the crystals miners and everyone the best in 2021!) And then a wonderful surprise... Plan C - we were able to go the the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show! We stopped by the Crystal Forest at the Petrified Forest National Park for a little inspiration on the way. We found exceptional quality in the stones we were able to find at the show. Yay! We really enjoyed visiting the energy Vortexes in Sedona on our way home! We send a huge special thank you to our friend that watched our place while we traveled! Please enjoy our tour! 

Arkansas Quartz Clusters Pricing Arkansas Quartz Crystals Giving the Uruguay amethyst a bath! 

Black Moonstone Spheres Blue Calcite Carnelian Palm Stones and Hearts Celestite Geodes Larger Celestite Geodes Small Celestite Geodes - Hard to find Fire Quartz Free Forms Labradorite Spheres Mixed Stones Washing Labradorite Bill at Crystal Forest with Petrified Logs Faith at Crystal Forest with Petrified Logs Petrified Wood Outstanding Petrified Wood Large Cluster Large Rose Quartz Crystal Carved Carnelian Art Outstanding Amethyst Cluster Amethyst Heart Wonderful Herkimer Diamonds An Outstanding Natural Malachite Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Bill with Large Amethyst Geodes Lots of Amethyst and Stone Geodes Amazing Colombian Lemurian Clusters Mixed Minerals at Tucson Gem & Mineral Show View from The Arizona Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast Bell Rock in Sedona Bill Climbing Bell Rock Faith Climbing Bell Rock Rector in Sedona The Cathedral in Sedona The Court House in Sedona Unwrapping All The Crystals and Stones from Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Unwrapping Bahia Amethyst Points from Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Still Unwrapping All The Goodies Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Unwrapping Colombian Lemurians from Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Almost Done Unwrapping from the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Angelite Windows from Peru Beautiful Pink Amethyst Geodes from Argentina!
When visiting Sedona, we stayed at The Arizona Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast in Clarkdale, AZ. We would highly recommend. The views are amazing! Check them out at TheArizonaLightHouse.com!

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