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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We love happy customers and would like to have a traditional review system, but it doesn't work very well with one-of-a-kind items! So, we really appreciate it when you save your customer comments below! Thanks!

  • Laurre on

    I first discovered Blue Moon Crystals while on a crystal digging trip in December, 2021. I had already found some nice crystal specimens at other places to take home as gifts, and certainly wish I had found Blue Moon first! The quality of their quartz is absolutely top shelf; the knowledge I gained during my visit helped me to understand more about this wonderful mineral, which only makes me appreciate Arkansas crystals that much more. I returned to Blue Moon a week ago on another trip; this time they were the first place I went to for specimens to take home (and was able to purchase some rarities, including a magnificent multi-crystal “floater” and a “fairy wand”!). Today I purchased a manganese included cluster, and eagerly look forward to its arrival. I can’t say enough about this establishment; they are my “must visit” magnet for anything quartz! I’m looking forward to next December!

  • Kara on

    I bought a self-healed quartz necklace & lemurian crystal and they are absolutely wonderful. #1 quality and fast shipping. I will absolutely shop from them again.

  • Jay M on

    I bought five cleaned quartz crystals for my grandchildren. They were beautiful and a big hit! I was really pleased with their clear color and wonderful shapes. I plan to look around again in the future for more gift ideas.

  • Mary Lou on

    The quartz crystal skull I received has 2 rainbow inclusions… sparkles beautifully in sunlight… it’s absolutely magical and am looking forward to meditating with it. I can only anticipate deep insights and a profound sense of peace when I do!
    The free “gift” that accompanied its delivery was quite unexpected and most appreciated!

  • Niamh on

    One of the best crystal shops I’ve ever shopped from!!! Super fast delivery only took about 2 days, amazing size crystals and great quality. Even got some free ones!! Amazing shop.

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