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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We love happy customers and would like to have a traditional review system, but it doesn't work very well with one-of-a-kind items!  So please save your customer comments below!  Thanks!

  • Alan on

    I bought a grape agate wire wrapped pendant and grape agate cluster for one of my nieces and she LOVES them! Faith and Bill were so amazing… their service was incredible – even checking the address as I had typed it incorrectly. So thankful for their personalised service. Thank you so much!

  • Lis on

    Pure clear energy and beauty!
    Love all the crystals and pendants I received. Exquisite channelerr of the ascension krystalline light. Arkansas and clear quartz are amazing to activate and upgrade the krystalline structures within us and around us (for the new gaia and cosmic gatework and gridwork ).
    So happy I was guided to this shop of Truth and Light.
    Much Love and gratitude.

  • K. Ritsche on

    Faith and Bill offer a wide variety of item that can’t be found elsewhere. The quality, selection, and customer service exceeds their competitors.
    Their prices are reasonable and the items are packed with care.
    You won’t be disappointed!

  • lise De Poel on

    Love the crystal. Amazing and loving service! Wonderful experience ,and will get some more from your store

  • Robyn on

    I absolutely LOVE all the crystals I have purchased from you. And this one is no exception. It is very pretty, good size, nice and sparkly, has lots of points and light. I am delighted, and I love the little pink Lemurian quartz gift, too. It is beautfiul.

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