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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We love happy customers and would like to have a traditional review system, but it doesn't work very well with one-of-a-kind items!  So please save your customer comments below!  Thanks!

  • Jennifer on

    I love the Elite Silver Shungite and the Golden Healer cluster you sent me! So powerful and beautiful!
    Thank you for the free gifts you always send. They are lovely as well.
    I am very grateful!

  • Deanna on

    I received my beautiful Spirit Guardian crystal and it has such a wonderful energy as well. This configuration is hard to find and yours was the only one I found when I did an Internet search. You responded quickly to my questions, the shipment was fast the the crystal was well packaged. This was my first time shopping with you and I will be a repeat customer. Thank you. I also love that Katrina Raphaell’s books are listed among your Crystal Books section.

  • Dylan on

    Bought a malachite pendant for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day and she absolutely loved it. So many beautiful crystals on here, will definitely order again.

  • Miriam Lafontaine on

    I have received the beautiful piece of black tourmaline from China. And another extra gift of a small clear quartz cluster. The tourmaline is impressive, it has tiny specks of white granite in it. To me, it looks as if it had just been lifted out of the earth. Another companion that now rests in my purse to keep with me wherever I go. Thanks again Blue Crystal.

  • Miriam on

    Dear Faith,
    Thank you for sending me the beautiful Rose Quartz crystal, I received your package this past Monday. And such a wonderful surprise – you also sent me a gift of a Quartz crystal cluster. Neither one of them have left my side since receiving them.
    I am 88 years old and I live in a senior residence. We have a drama club, our show was yesterday. Usually there’s a lot of stress because of wardrobe changes in a hurry. Yesterday I put the quartz cluster in my pocket, I had it with me all the time and I did my lines and entrances perfectly. The Rose Quartz stays on my night table in my bedroom. I’ve slept very well this week.
    I am new to the benefits of crystals and gemstones. But now I am a believer!

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