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A Few Store Closures Due to Faith's Recovery

Hopefully The Final Update 11/12/22

My last CT Scan & blood work was very good!!! There were no blood clots in the spleen, the liver looks good, and the blood work was almost perfect! Now I just have regular follow ups and to focus on building up my strength!

I really appreciate all your prayers and well wishes!

It's Official - No cancer was found! Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo!


On Thursday, Oct. 20th I received good news on my liver function lab work. Three numbers had improved to normal! I still need one number to improve and will be tested again in January.

On Thursday, Sept. 29th I received great news from my lung doctor. I am doing an excellent job of healing from my lung surgery! Yay! I will have lung tests and a follow-up in December. I was very happy to receive good news again and will continue working my way towards a full recovery! 

The below listed stone caused a serious liver function issue. On Thursday, Sept. 22nd, I received much welcomed news that my liver function is greatly improving. It will be tested again in mid October. My spleen and clotting issues will be tested again in mid November. I now feel much better! I do believe I am well on the way to a full (slow) recovery! Yay!

On August 30th, a second complication was resolved. It turned out to be a stone in my bile duct. So after one more hospital stay...

3 steps forward and 2 steps back... Uugh! I had to go back in the hospital for 3 days with a complication on August 7th. They found a blood clot in my spleen. So now I am back home & working hard to get better again!

I came home July 19th! Yay! I have 2 goals for the first 2 weeks which are breath deep at least 150 times a day & cough hard at least 15 times a day. (Oh, the joy!) I took my first "real" (more than feet) walk July 26th! I am walking about 1 mile a day. (Sometimes with a small incline or decline. That should not be this hard!) I am healing well and working slow and steady towards a full recovery! I should have excellent results! Yay!


On July 15th I had my upper left lung lobe removed. I received excellent care in the ICU for 5 days.

Tumor Found & Diagnosed
On June 8th I was diagnosed with a mass in my left lung. After two biopsy's I had conclusive results of a Myofibroblastic Inflammatory Tumor. This is a rare (under 1%) benign (to be verified after surgery) mass tumor of inflammatory tissue. On July 13th, I had a PET Scan, met with my oncologist, and my heart and lung surgeon.

 We appreciate your business as Faith recovers and we make adjustments!

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