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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We love happy customers and would like to have a traditional review system, but it doesn't work very well with one-of-a-kind items! So, we really appreciate it when you save your customer comments below! Thanks!

  • Sally on

    I appreciate the quality and energy of the stones you offer, some of the best I have come across throughout the years. Your dedication to customer service is evident with your free shipping, crystal gift and timely delivery. Thank you!

  • Dezovea on

    I receive my selenite wand the other day in the mail, it was more beautiful than what I expected. The quality of the polishing end of the stone are excellent. It’s like it worked instantaneously soon as I touched the box it came in, like it was calling me to go outside and pick up the mail …… I didn’t know was delivered already. Love the quartz cluster

  • Katie and Jean on

    Blue Moon Crystals is our favorite online store for crystals and jewelry! Their crystals have wonderful
    energy! The jewelry is unique and beautiful! We feel fortunate to have found this store online! All the
    products we have purchased are of great quality. We really like and appreciate the free shipping and fast
    delivery! Also, receiving a mini crystal gift with each purchase is terrific! Highly recommend this store!!!
    Many Blessings – Much Love, Light and Gratitude!

  • Yelena L on

    Thank you very much for the wonderful crystals that are exactly as depicted on the screen and for the delightful gifts. Quick delivery and great service. Thank You, Bill and Faith for your thoughtfulness and care. I look forward to placing my next order. Best wishes!

  • Mary on

    Love the rose quartz! It’s absolutely gorgeous:) And the manifestation I ordered awhile back really packs a punch. I also have quite a collection of Arkansas clusters thanks to your little gifts. Really sweet:) Look forward to buying from you again.

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