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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We love happy customers and would like to have a traditional review system, but it doesn't work very well with one-of-a-kind items! So, we really appreciate it when you save your customer comments below! Thanks!

  • Mark Q on

    The crystal cluster we received turned out to be even more stunning than we anticipated. So happy with it! Thank you!

  • Nicole on

    The crystals I ordered are gorgeous and incredibly unique. In fact, I didn’t order them right away but I kept thinking about them!
    Shipping was fast and they were carefully wrapped. I’m very happy with my order!

  • raymond on

    I have many crystals the best are from bluemoon crystals thank you

  • Karen Ritsche on

    The quartz from BMC&J I brought to a trade show I vended at last weekend was a best seller! I came home with only 10% of the clear quartz and Lemurians I went with.
    I am always grateful for the beautiful selections and outstanding customer service.
    Thank you Bill and Faith!

  • Kathleen P on

    Spectacular transaction. I have been collecting quartz for 30 years and have rarely found such clear, bright, perfectly formed crystals as are available here — without any of the artificial “enhancements” found elsewhere. The wearing crystal I received far exceeds my expectations. It is so exquisitely wrapped, with fine attention to detail and craftsmanship. The design is simple, elegant and timeless. I highly recommend this seller. 10 stars.

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