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Orange River

The Orange River forms the natural border between South Africa and Namibia. It flows westward some 2,000 kilometers from the Drakensberg Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. At the Old Pella Mission area in the Northern Cape some of the most remarkable quartz crystals in the world were discovered. This barren and remote area at the edge of the Kalahari Desert has yielded an unbelievable variety of rare and unusual crystal formations. There is spectacular hematite included quartz, amethyst, natural citrine, smoky quartz and purple fluorite. On rare occasions all of these can be found on one cluster along with phantom and sceptre formations. Colors range from bright oranges and reds to maroon and pink. The phantoms can be found in red, maroon, white, pink or black and are almost always fully shaped. These beautiful crystals have incredible attitudes and are a wonder to see and hold. Hematite inclusions are present in almost all of the crystals found. The combination of quartz and hematite helps one accept their life-path. These crystals are utilized for clear thinking, decision-making, and aligning the lower chakras. They have the ability to energize and ground at the same time. The additional minerals and types of formation make these rare and striking crystals very special metaphysical tools and spectacular additions to specimen collections.