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Brazilian Golden Healer

These fabulous crystals are from a recent find!  These wonderful crystals are found in the same area the pink Lemurian seed quartz crystals are located.  They have a golden coating or partial coating of hematite.  A few of these crystals will have gold and pink coatings together.  They do not have the iridescence that is found on Arkansas golden healers.  These crystals are a combination of Lemurian seed and laser wand quartz crystals.  These crystals amplify a very powerful all-purpose healing energy!

 Mining these Lemurian type crystals is a difficult process that results in a few dings here and there.  This is the main reason that you do not see a lot of Lemurian seed clusters.  We have selected only the best crystals we could find.  We would be surprised to find these crystals again! We hope you enjoy!