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2021 Arkansas Store Opening

News Store Opening

2021 Arkansas Store Opening

Our Inside & Outside Store is Open!
Open Until December 19th
Fri. - Sun. 10 am - 5 pm!
Then seasonally closed, please call for appt.!

CoVid-19 Ongoing Precautions:

1. Please go home if you feel even a little sick! (We still love you...)
2. Masks are required in our Inside Store at least until they figure out the implications of the Omicron variant. (We know this sucks... Please understand the inside store is very small and part of our home.)
3. There is a limit of 6 customers in our Inside Store. Please do not enter the inside store if you feel even a little sick!
4. We will continue to clean common areas after every customer group.
5. Please continue to social distance for the safety of everyone! (6 feet please!)
6. Masks will be optional in our Outside Store. We will be happy to wear a mask outside upon request.
7. We continue to have additional customer areas to meet your needs. This includes:
         a. Outside handing washing station.
         b. Customer areas to gather your purchases and decide at your own pace.
         c. We will continue doing the checkout process outside.


Obviously. these precautions may and most likely will change often.
We will update this page as needed!

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