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2021 Arkansas Store Opening

News Store Opening

2021 Arkansas Store Opening

We are happy to announce our Outside Store is Open!
(We hope to open our inside store by the end of June.)
Wednesday - Sunday
10 AM - 7 PM

CoVid-19 Ongoing Precautions:

1. We will continue to clean common areas after every customer group.

2. Please continue to social distance for the safety of everyone! (6 feet please!)

3. Masks will be optional in our Outside Store. We will continue to generate additional air movement with a fan. We will be happy to wear a mask upon request. (Masks will be required in our very small inside store when we are able to open it.)

4. We continue to have additional customer areas to meet your needs. This includes:
         a. Outside handing washing station.
         b. Customer areas to gather your purchases and decide at your own pace.
         c. Employee work area to pack your purchases while maintaining social                    distancing.

5. We continue to encourage new "Normal" behaviors. This includes:
         a. Please go home if you feel even a little sick! (We still love you...)
         b. Washing hands.
         c. Social distancing. 6 feet please!

When our Inside Store Opens…

Please be aware that we have a very small inside store. Masks will be required in our inside store. We will be limiting customers to 1 to 3 family groups, with a 6 customer inside limit. Please understand that the inside store is part of our home. For those who do not wish to wear a mask, the outside store will remain open.

These precautions will change ASAP – hopefully in a good way!

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