Quartz crystal has been around for a very long time. How long, no one knows for sure. We do know that crystals were formed in this Earth and suggest the mineral evolution of the planet. Their very being expresses the unity of the four ancient elements.

It is said that crystals and stones have been utilized for many purposes for over 100,000 years. The oldest legends of crystal power take us back to the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is believed that these people were of an advanced race that could harness and channel the power of crystals. These civilizations would use crystals as beacons of light that would serve as telepathic communications with their forefathers. The power of crystals was also used for many physical and practical purposes. It is believed that these civilizations were destroyed because trust of the sacred knowledge and power of these crystals was abused. However, before Atlantis was completely destroyed, some of the "wise ones" that had not abused this trust were able to program the knowledge that was needed for the human race to survive into crystals. Specific information was programmed into different types of crystals so that when the time was right, they would surface on this planet.

Lore has it that there were some survivors of Atlantis and that they were able to perpetuate the knowledge and power of crystals to the root civilizations of Egypt, South America, and Tibet. It is said that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was capped with a giant crystal to assist in grounding and utilization of cosmic force. As these original civilizations rose and fell, much of the knowledge and power of the crystal was all but lost.

It has been recorded in Exodus in the Bible, that a breastplate endowed with twelve precious jewels, arranged in four rows and worn over the heart would grace Aaron with the power of God.

Kings in ancient India were advised to collect and surround themselves with the very best gemstones to protect them from harm. Sanskrit dating back to 400 B.C. has been found that makes elaborate observations about the origins and powers of stones.

Early Greek and Roman writings indicate that crystals and stones were worn as talismans and amulets for not only health and protection, but to attract virtues.

Native American legend believes there are 13 ancient crystal skulls that are the size of human skulls and are said to have spoken or sang. These skulls contain important information about the origin, purpose and destiny of mankind. It is said that this information is vital to the survival of this planet and the human race. This legend has been handed down through generations of many different Native American tribes over thousands of years including the Mayan, Aztec, Pueblo, Navajo, Cherokee, and Seneca. The Cherokee version of this legend says that there are 12 planets in the cosmos that are inhabited by human beings and that there is one crystal skull for each planet. The thirteenth skull has information that is vital to all the others. The one belief that is common to all tribes is that the human race must be morally and spiritually ready before the information contained within the crystal skulls is made available.

There are tribes of Mexican Indians that believe if you live a good life on this earth, your soul will go into a crystal when you die.

Many North American tribes have been using crystals as healing and spiritual tools for thousands of years. Some of these tribes, such as the Apache and Cherokee, also have well developed training programs for those individuals chosen to become faith healers and tribal priests. Larger crystals were used as seer stones by elders and chiefs to foretell future events and their outcomes.

In Arkansas crystal arrowheads have been discovered that date back to 8,000 B.C. The Plum Bayou people that lived along the Arkansas River around 700 to 1000 A.D. had fashioned projectile points, scrapers and knives out of clear quartz. These were used for ceremonial purposes. The Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto visited Hot Springs area of Arkansas in 1541. He reported that the people of the area were making special quartz arrowheads. We have even seen an ancient war club head that was ground out of a large piece of quartz crystal.

Modern mankind has utilized quartz crystals in many ways. Even the outcome of WWII changed when the crystal radio set was invented. This new radio allowed American and Allied forces to have verbal communication with their warplanes, giving them a great advantage. Crystals are used in clocks, watches, computers, lasers and too many other applications to name. Nobody knows for sure just ho many more uses can be found for quartz crystal, but one thing is for sure, we are only just beginning to find out.

Crystal lore and legends have been around since the beginning of mankind and will continue on forever. The legends of the 13 crystal skulls and their purpose for being here indicate that the time is at hand for them to surface and be used. Many tribes believe that our planet is ready to receive the knowledge contained in these crystal skulls. Who knows, only the future will tell.

Crystal Lore

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